Saturday, 3 August 2013

About Me

Hi everybody!! =D Welcome! Please don't leave unless u finish reading! >.<
The name on the blog is The Finding because originally i thought that i am always searching in my life. For instance, behavior, goal and desire. And i thought that this is a good title because Finding is what we do in life. =)

Please know me here!! ^^
Hello! My name is Aurik Beh Huai Jun. 25 April 1993 Taurus baby. Height:175cm Weight:67kg
In my life, what I'm doing is what i love. I love Study, Reading, Learning, Exploring, Entertainment & Sports.

I have great belief that having relevant knowledge is the key for great success. Reading to me is very important because by reading i can understand the insight story and meaning. To me learning is an on-going process. Not everyone can learn what's 100% useful to themselves. Therefore this is something i need to work on. I must say i will be success in future and then i will spend my effort in exploring New Stuff to the world. Comes to relaxation, movie at GSC is my usual stuff. The best horror movie for me is The Conjuring. The show is brilliant. i must give that. Just a piece of advice, WATCH WITH SOMEONE or SOMEONE WILL WATCH WITH YOU!!  X.X
Music is my best companion and it's as Addictive as Drugs! x)
Nevertheless surfing the Internet, Google, Facebook, Blog, Email and etc is also what i do.
I am a serious fitness lover. building my body is my interest. Playing sports like Futsal, Football, Badminton, Softball, American Football, Swimming, Water Polo, Jogging, Hiking and etc will never get bored to me.

Aye i must end here. Please KIE on my updates!
Take care Fellows! =)

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