Thursday, 5 March 2015


The idea behind the title "Today" enhance the meaning of the word. Think of what you can do today.. Are you enjoying or living at the moment? Are you conscious of what are you doing and why do you do what you do?

Today I start writing, talking, thinking, analysing, communicating, recording, to realize, clarify, painting a clearer picture for myself. I let go of the things i cannot change into a form of digital paper expressing through words. I record the remorse and achievement each day i unlocked. Mistake cannot be repeated. 2nd time is your choice.

05/03/2015 I talked, discussed, interacted, shared my idea with degree classmate in marketing course Tunku Abdul Rahman about having a common goal of camaraderie in working field. First attempt fails to convince merely understanding of amongst attitude.

Anyway it wasn't bad to try right? you will never know if you never try. Do what you want or what you wish now! Soon your seed will grow into tree! Spread your idea if you have em' i promised myself the next time it's 1sec, 2sec, 3sec that's it. start speaking your thoughts.

I felt problem lies mainly on me. I wasn't a great example to people. Not easy to convince. I reckoned and fully conscious that my reputation or image is not as great. I just have to be discipline on what I do, be courageous to be who I want to be, shows credibility to people, be consistent in what i want in life, be accountable on my promise to myself. Stay positive and remain strong mentally. Always listen to your heart. Believe in yourself. Ignore the hater. Believe in yourself. The power of mind allow one to achieve what they want.

Willing to Learn
Appreciate the time, Do something meaningful

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